The site for this mixed use project is an idyllic sea front land in the Caribbean Islands of the Turks and Caicos.

The rectangular lot has its narrow end open to the azure colored lagoon, while its deep end connects it to a main access road itself lined to a main boulevard.

On either side of the project are strict hospitality projects following a stereotypical design: maximize the built volume at the sea front side of the lot, and create a "second rate" space to the back side for lower revenue rooms/keys around swimming pools and other amenities.

We rejected this approach.

In addition, our program called for a retail base (maximized) and a hotel of 120 to 130 keys.

Instead of splitting the site in two, retail to the back and hotel to the sea front, we opted to stack the functions to allow both of them to benefit from the full footprint allowed by the building code.

The ground floor was almost fully dedicated to a retail gallery space of 6,000sqm, including the outdoor terraces towards the sea. A very small portion of 300sqm located to the back side of the project houses the four generous public lifts connecting the ground floor hotel drop off lobby to the main esplanade of the hotel and the real lobby located 8m higher than the ground floor. This allowed a fantastic arrival view at the ground floor, immediately and directly connected to the lagoon.

The volume of the hotel is shaped as a large U open on the lagoon side, which then allows all rooms/keys to benefit from a sea view, and not have 60% sea view and 40% pool view.

This was very well received by the operators that were approached by the developers.

The first floor hotel esplanade lobby also caters for other additional supporting functions for the hotel such as an all day restaurant and spa/gym area.

The center of this esplanade is of course a dramatic infinity pool terminating a stepped down terrace, floating 8m above water level, allowing a deep view into the lagoon and the ocean beyond it.

This would not be a Caribbean hotel without a proper access to the beach. We created this connection via two Funiculars flanking either side of the terrace, transforming this hotel into a beach front hotel.

The external treatment of the building reflects the functional stacking, while the hotel is clad with wood strip, the lower more enclosed volume is imagined as being clad with metal mesh allowing dense vegetation to mask it in a very few years considering the very fertile nature of the country as well as the frequency of the rainfall.

This kind of vertical garden makes up on the lack of actual park grounds for the project, whereby the project benefits from a maximum footprint to optimize its financial feasibility.