Basateen Trablos

Restaurant clusters have come to reflect a sound business model for land owners who are seeking a temporary use of their plot. This generates revenues but more importantly generates traffic to a specific address, and that has commercial sense.

Tripoli is perfect candidate for such a model, especially when adding the extra parameter of catering for entertainment for different age groups as well as tailored functions (PT health club, Well being saloon, etc..).

The plot is 12,000sqm and allows four floors structures. We opted to use the height to generate a massing allowing a " private " central garden, hidden from sightlines of the neighboring residential buildings, and also allowing a mood or identity specific to the project created at its heart.

Naturally directional massing, guided towards a central garden. A reading offering a human scale base, stone clad, housing the food outlets, composed with light structures with neat finishing topping them housing the more private functions/destination. All served by generous Parking and centralized services with meters.