4C Chalets

This development is comprise of four dwellings nestled into a steep hillside in the prestigious winter ski resort of Faqra, high in Lebanon’s alpine mountains. Typologically similar to terraced row housing, the scheme integrates neatly with the site. However, terracing is performed discreetly, making it aesthetically pleasing yet hard to classify. Ample outdoor terraces are provided, all feeling part of the setting.

The housing is well incorporated with its setting, becoming part of the mountainous landscape, appearing as if it has always been there. The quarry-face limestone masonry clad exterior follows the tradition of Lebanese regional architecture, placing the structure in the historic stone architectural heritage of Faqra and Mount Lebanon. Traditional elements such as arches are used discreetly, more as modern features that enhance the design byproviding large openings on the facades. However, there is no reversion to traditional architectural elements mimicking past centuries, making the statement all the more credible. There is no attempt to impose a false regional character through unnecessary decorative elements.

The unpretentious exterior camouflages a wealthy hierarchy of double and triple volume spaces, assembling an arrangement of public and private residential functions. Ample skylights provide sunlight to the big open spaces, where overhead crisscrossing bridges link various spaces. Subtle variations in each dwelling eliminate the pitfall of monotony and repetition, making of this project an example to be considered as an archetype for hard to design, sloping sites.