BATIMAT ARCHITECTS operates critically in its approach to design, constantly questioning the reason behind every line present in its projects. Nothing is arbitrary. This exhaustive design methodology secures that every project is unique and is the result of a thorough analysis of the context and a clear understanding of the program. Equally critical is the time of the design of the project which places it in a cultural framework and allows it to dialogue with its peers. Consequently, projects are always novel and fresh, while still strongly rooted in their context.

Cultural correctness

Being a Lebanese firm operating mostly in the Arab world, the firm has great exposure to the vernacular and traditional architecture of the region. It is exposed to and influenced by several millennia of tradition and built form. This, however, does not reflect directly in the finished built-form designed by BATIMAT ARCHITECTS, at least at first glance. Indeed, most BATIMAT ARCHITECTS buildings possess a very contemporary, rationalist look, free from artificially applied “traditional” decorations. Instead, BATIMAT ARCHITECTS try to resolve architectural problems via an adaptation of the “qualities” inherent in local vernacular architecture: qualities such as the creation of spaces that are humane, functional and friendly. Lessons learned from past eras, such as the creation of an architecture that is part of the site and location, responsive to the climate, to the culture and related to current times.

Quality control

To better control the quality of the project, BATIMAT ARCHITECTS prefers to either be directly involved in or closely supervise/collaborate on all aspects of project design. BATIMAT ARCHITECTS believes in a holistic approach to design, where all sub-disciplines combine to form excellence in architecture. Thus, landscape, interiors, signage and graphics, lighting design, etc, are closely coordinated in order to have a successful project, all with close interaction with the client. The ultimate goal of BATIMAT ARCHITECTS is the provision of outstanding design services and the creation of excellent architecture.


BATIMAT ARCHITECTS is a medium sized Design Consultancy firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. It prides itself in being one of the firmly established practices in the country. BATIMAT ARCHITECTS has already provided Beirut with many identifiable architectural landmarks, such as the Head Quarters of the ABN Amro Bank, and the Head Quarters of ALFA telecom. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, BATIMAT ARCHITECTS has been consistent with its initial philosophy: Offer the best quality of architectural services possible, while providing a rational balance between cultural appropriateness, sustainability and latest technology.

Established in 1976 by Principal Assouman Tourbah, the firm began expanding into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1978. In 1996, the Beirut based Design office was revamped with the joining of Mohamad M. Arayssi. Currently BATIMAT ARCHITECTS has completed and is actively involved in more than 200 projects in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Qatar, as well as participating in a number of multinational projects and competitions.


BATIMAT ARCHITECTS consists of three interacting entities: The DESIGN TEAM which provides Architectural and Interior Architecture Design Services as well as its consequent Site Supervision Services. The PROJECT MANAGEMENT entity focuses on feasibility studies, project development and management carried through all its phases. A team of professionals is tailored for each venture depending on scale and scope. Last, BATIMAT ARCHITECTS also provides clients with TURNKEY Design-Build solutions.