T52-Grand Park Tower

T52 is a high rise residential tower.

It houses 74 keys between apartments and special duplex units spread on the 160m high structure of 32 floors, served by 8 floors of supporting areas (podium parking, basements technical areas, and refuge + technical floor).

The architecture of the project attempts to maximize on the contact between the internal area and natural ventilation/illumination both by stretching out the floor plan to the setback limit but also vertically by stepping the tower into four breaks where terraces act out as extensions to special duplexes on three volume steps.

Furthermore, we purposefully intended to vary the architectural expression by diverting the fenestration into a random order planned within a vertical direction. The intent here is to increase the verticality of the project which stretching the tower out to the maximum legally allowed height of 160m.

Deep vertical fins complete the vertical expression but also serve to generate a shield effect by adding shade onto the elevations giving it a sculptural expression. 

These fins adorns both the curtain wall parts but also outer edge of the building on balconies and other. The depth ranges from 60cm to 80 cm; an added diversity on the elevations.

From within, the spaces are beautifully illuminated; the bedrooms have generous light, while the full height reception areas have 280cm high sliding Windows with ultra-clear glass balustrade on the operable parts, and none on the fixed parts, therefore offering plunging views to the park but also to other visual points of interest.

This rich architectural treatment has a very simple and economical finish composed of a special thin plaster applied on double density rock wool panels; this offers exceptional insulation performances and yields very effective R and U values.

Coping are sometimes in stone sloped towards inside of the terrace while in other locations (mainly where curtain wall and louvered elevations are) coping will be in simple metal sheets folded/bent to shape. 

A special metallic light color paint finishes the expanded metal cladding covering the four elevations of the podium parking levels and the ceiling of the ground floor outdoor area.

Internal finishes are selected both in terms of efficiency but also in terms of economy. 

The strategy is to be elegant in terms of scheme but economical in terms of Specifications. This has the objective to allow us to specify certain architecturally relevant materials in certain areas, such as: 

Special ORAMA aluminum profiles for the two duplexes, Special folding glazed elements for the amenities floors allowing smooth connection between internal and external areas, Special natural large tiles for the ground floor lobby, among others.

In the remaining areas, a cost conscious material selection is witnessed. 

The floors are almost all finished in ceramic tiles inside and outside (mounted on a raised floor system, allowing a horizontal level at the amenities floors and main duplex terraces since rain would be drained through the tiles joints - avoiding visually disruptive floor or terrace drains -).

Walls and ceilings are painted simply, in elegant colors and adapted qualities to the areas (polished plaster for common area corridors and acrylic for the apartment interiors). The lighting is also almost all in LED selected from a single brand to facilitate procurement but also cost reduction. Same for the reduced list of items in ceramics which are all selected from a single fabricator.

All the above follows the logic whereby simple materials and finishes serve the rich architectural expression... And not the reverse.

The diversity of the external expression, doubled by the variance in 6 different internal typologies, further extended by adding various balconies on some apartments, all allow an individuality to each unit and this will have an impact on marketing since each end user (tenant now, owner possibly in the future) will be able to identify better her/his own unit, rather than be a light blip on a curtain wall of a hundred light blips on any given night. 

Specials units, great views, generous natural light, unique, Central Park Tower offers splendid views for all units, elegant finishes and efficient services; these are all qualities that describe tower T52.

For us, and after months or arduous work and re work, we can serenely claim that the life story (which described one week end for one family living in the tower) with which we began this journey more than one year ago has been met. The stage is set for a lifelong of individual experiences for the many, hopefully but surely satisfied, varied inhabitants of this special project, taking part in rendering this project their own.

T52 offers homes not apartments.