The redesign process this project was a very challenging exercise.

The reasons for that are double: the existing design was meant for a one apartment per floor typology which meant one large central balcony. The building construction had already reached the 17th floor slab. Then, the development changed hands from a traditional outlook, to a young dynamic group.

Their premise for the new design was clear, fast sales, controlled prices, but two apartments per floor. Here in lay the challenge. We had to balance economical aspects, building code aspects, and more importantly the idea to create a design resembling the freshness brought in by this new developer.

The idea was simple. Remove the heavy concrete balconies and replace them with light weight steel boxes acting as the only additional design element. They become the feature of the facade, the mandated two new balconies (or external seating platforms) requirements and more importantly the feature signal of this tower project.

On certain floors, they act as terraces, and on others they are enclosed balconies. This gave the developer tools to differentiate the experience the end user can have from different apartments. The Mondrian-esque  composition gave the project its identity., huge trees complement the project, bringing in nature to the project; In this case in a major way since we are able to have trees reaching the height of three floors, afforded by the high clearances resulting from the composition of the boxes.

The tower is topped by a special duplex, which benefits from a glass swimming pool and breathtaking views to the sea and to the Sannine Mountains.

Our thorough analysis and optimization of the legal BUA, , permitted us to add a playful gesture on top of the building; A private three floors building, acting as a signal of something larger behind it. From an urban point of view, the setting out of this addition benefits from a deep view to the west side street resulting from the deep setback of a recently completed neighboring building. More over its curved plan and its polished mirror finish allow it to slip away from the first few floors in the tower behind it, making the whole composition as symbiotic one, as the views are naturally directed to the east where a boulevard stretches north south.

A powerful tower with an iconic 3D facade, a playful and professional gesture, and a shining signal pinnacle, this best sums up the project, which turned out to be much more challenging than expected.