The idea of transforming the site into one large green space was the driving force in all the stages of the project, providing a landscaped platform for the project to stand on and connecting both streets with a lush garden.

The building as an object in the park allowed for the strengthening of the idea of a continuous park that would extend horizontally and vertically, and in this case, the object itself is a light one that does not have an imposing presence on the garden.

Attributing porosity to the object allowed it to fit naturally into the organic landscape of the garden, facilitating for the light to penetrate the interior spaces and providing a translucent skin between the interior and the green exterior while maintaining the required level of privacy for the workspaces.

By providing a thick envelope and using the depth to incorporate the structural systems, pushing the columns to the exterior edges, that allowed for an interior space completely devoid of structural elements providing a clear open space.

The porosity of the skin is achieved by a series of columns, some of which serve as structural elements and some don’t, that wrap around the perimeter of the building. By alternating the locations and positions of these columns from floor to floor, this created a dynamic, playful and fluid façade.

In the deep envelope that houses the columns becomes the space for the park to grow vertically. The perimeter of each floor becomes a planter, in which lush plants can grow, playing part in continuing the park and allowing for another layer of skin, separating the interior and exterior with a translucent and shading element.

With several layers of skin providing the necessary shading, porosity, translucency and privacy, the last layer, the final threshold between exterior and interior becomes a clear glazed envelope.

Finally, volumetrically, the form was a result of two parameters; the general form and the geometry that reflected the organic and fluid feel of the garden, and the legal requirements (the Gabarit) that prompted the break in the geometry and the sixth floor creating the terrace.