Developing a high rise in the heritage bound neighborhood of Saifi is a challenge. The approach we adopted was based on breaking up this project into groups and blocks, with the objective of reducing, at least visually, its height.

This 1284sqm corner lot offered 12,000sqm of allowed sellable BUA, served by 7,000sqm of basements for parking and technical areas. The developer asked for a variation of sizes of apartments (2BR, 3BR, 4BR) and different types (Simplexes/Duplexes), topping a retail base.

Our approach crossed the classical base/body/top formula with more bare and modern lines, yielding a simple composition of rectangular volumes, stepping up via intermediate gardens (1st floor, 7th floor, 10th floor, 13th floor, 16th floor) leading to the crowning penthouse benefitting from 360 deg views.

An intimate use of gardens constitutes the only addition to the bare reading of the building.