ACH 315

The project's design is based on creating the feel of a cluster three smaller buildings rather than one large one, especially in this tight spot and with the difference in levels the plot benefits from.

The volume composition is intentionally broken down, even in the typical floors, where the individual unit is expressed. We want the end user to identify clearly what he is buying, whether in the apartments types or in the upper villas types.

Even the "base" of the project, composed of three groups housed in light colored volumes, have each a different height, which we differentiated in number of typical, and made them 6 for the north east, 8 for the south, and 10 for the north west block.

This 6,8,10 composition pushes further the richness of each floor plate, allowing the creation of a very diversified offer of apartment and duplexes types.

The upper "villas" are visually differentiated for more visibility, but also to reduce the height effect. It is intended to give the feel of a crowning of "homes" on top of three pillars.


The "crown" of the project is carved out with multiple terraces and outdoor areas, intended to serve special and unique duplexes/villas. The idea is to create individuality all the way, even in the types and the views they can each afford. Remember that on the high level, north side, a sea view should be easily benefitted from.

The Ground floor is topped by three technical levels (used for extra parking and as a technical floor), but they are expressed to the outside as a single volume with a large "window". This is intentional, also to create the stacking feel; making the project more "legible",


The First Basement B1 is accessible almost directly from street level, and it connects down to four other basements which house services and parking.